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Sujit Lalwani is the Founder & CEO of ADAD - A Deed A Day, an International Inspirational Speaker & Author of Life Simplified!

He believes in volunteerism and spirit of entrepreneurship. He is also a strong believer that CSR is the jargon going old instead the In-thing now & the need of the HOUR is ISR for which he created the ADAD Platform.

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Sujit Lalwani's Quotes

  • Most people forget great times & focus only on bad ones. One must know it's still a choice! Kill choices that kill the positive energy..

  • The best way to great life is to guide those that can learn from you & learn from those that can guide you.

  • A large part of the world is getting out of comfort zone & it now needs a direction to grow & flourish in the right direction..

  • There is one thing about leadership there isn't anything that can be defined or definite.

  • What looks impossible today is only a problem that needs a different approach than what has been tried so far..


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