Sujit Lalwani

Social Entrepreneur


Author  ·  Life Simplifier  ·  Business Coach

The world needs more Human Doings than Beings..


He has addressed more than 4.5 Million People globally through his speeches.
He was awarded the "Connecting The World" Award at 1LifeFullyLived Conference held in Nov 2015 in Sacramento, USA.
He has been nominated 4 times for Namma Bengaluru awards (2014-15-16-17) in the category of "Young Entrepreneurs"
He was interviewed on Nepal Radio 98.8FM as a Youth Icon.
He was among the 16 Your Big Year 2012 Finalists chosen from 60,000+ participants from over 200 countries.
He was invited by the plenipotentiary of the President of Russia to share his ideas at the VISIT RUSSIA Forum held on May 25-26, 2012, an International Tourism Forum.
He represented India at the International Conference of One Young World(OYW), 2011 held at Zurich, Switzerland. He has been a returning ambassador and was selected as the Speaker for the OYW conference held at Pittsburgh in the month of October, 2012.
He is ranked Top 40 under 35 globally by Potential Matrix from Malaysia.
He was recognized with award of 'High Service to Society at a very Young Age' by LIONS Club in the year 2010.
He was interviewed on several podcasts from multiple countries.
He served as the director on board SmartQ App from Bangalore, India for 1.5 Years
He has been the Global Head of Community Engagement for World Merit and founder of World Merit India
He has written forewards for several books including an advance praise for the book written on Mauritian Prime Minister
He has inaugurated several colleges, institutions and been frequently the guest of honor at annual events at institutions
He can tell alphabets of english in reverse order in less than 2.26 seconds
He can give your name a wonderful inspirational/meaningful expansion in less than 10 minutes. Tweet to him @sujitlalwani to receive one.